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Young children from birth to age five make giant developmental strides. In this critical window, high quality education is the key to unlocking their potential and with the right support they can thrive academically, emotionally and socially!
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Our Pre-School Programme


Age Group: 2 – 3 years

Duration: 2.5 hour session, Mon – Fri


Age Group: 3 – 4 years

Duration: 3.5 hour session, Mon – Fri

Prep - I

Age Group: 4 – 5 years

Duration: 3.5 hour session, Mon – Fri

Prep - II

Age Group: 5 – 6 years

Duration: 3.5 hour session, Mon – Fri

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  • We can tell you that we are very happy with the school, its Best Preschool in Udaipur. We thank the team for the great service you provide, and the skills you teach our son.

    Mr. Laxman Singh Sonigara (Director - Soltan Business Solution Pvt. Ld.)
  • The over all development of child is good. Activities performed is The school are very learning & helpful in the overall growth of the child Happy with the performance of the child. Best of luck.

    Mrs. Pooja Vyas (Home Maker)
  • Very colorful theme in entire school attract all kids and help them in learning with fun. A very nice presentation of child's activities & overall development in the portfolio by the teachers.
    Mr. Arvind Bharti (Architect, Safenet, Noida)Mrs. Mahima Bharti (Home Maker)
  • I like the way you teach them the concept so that they are relating those things in their day routine. we are happy & satisfied with your approach. This is the school which I want for my kid. Thanks

    Mr. Anil Jain (CA, Head - Finance, Hindustan Zinc Ltd.) Mrs. Ruchi Jain(Home Maker)
  • We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the effort that you have put in. Mia has never shown reluctance to go to school this year. You have given her the freedom & space to learn at her Own Pace. We have been impressed with your commitment and your drive as a teacher. This has ensured our trust in your abilities. We wish you the very best !

    Mr. Rajesh (Professor, IIM Udaipur)Mrs. Seethu Rajesh (Architect and Vinyasa Karma Yoga Instructor)
  • Dear staff, Your good works will never be erased from the Hearts & Minds of all your students. We will always be Thankful to your support.

    Pranveer Singh Chundawat (Director, KD ENTERPRISES)
  • Thank you for taking such good care of Yuvaan since day 1. Yuvaan has literally taken a leap of faith with all the staff, I see him looking forward to going to school nowadays. All your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed and is much appreciated.

    Mr. Harshit Sharma (Director, Laxmi Engineering)Mrs. Ruchi Sharma (Home Maker)
  • Dear Mam, I appreciate the Team Work of the school, your hard work reflects on my Child. He is growing day by day and also learning new things in all developing areas. Congratulations! to whole team!

    Mrs. Renu (Academic Coordinator,Pioneer Public School)